ICNZ Senior Provincials: Final Results and Summary

The 2018 ICNZ Senior Provincials tournament concluded over the weekend, with three different provinces taking national titles across the grades.

All results, ladders and statistics are available at the following link on the Indoor Sports New Zealand website: http://nzis.spawtz.com/ActionController/LeagueList?VenueId=4):

Here are the final results, statistics and awards from the tournament:

Premier Men:

Winners: Auckland

Runners-Up: Northern Districts

Finals Series:

FINAL – Auckland 77 (3) def. Northern Districts 59 (1)

Summary: Auckland 77 (Wright 25, Crook 15, Jackett 4/-11, Sefuiva 2/1) def. Northern Districts 59 (Joll 17, Welsford 14, Elliot 5/-17, King 4/-13)

Net Scores: Auckland – Elliot +24, King +18; Northern Districts – Jackett +21, Joll +5

Team MVPs: Darrin Crook (Auckland), Craig Stevens (Canterbury), Adrian Fong (Central Districts), Nick Ward (Wellington), Dion Joll (Northern Districts)

Grade MVP: Darrin Crook (Auckland)

Final Group Standings: Auckland 42, Northern Districts 37, Central Districts 28, Wellington 27, Canterbury 26

Tournament Statistics:

Highest Runs –

146 (Dion Joll, Northern Districts)

101 (Adrian Fong, Central Districts)

98 (Michael Dodunski, Northern Districts)

91 (Darrin Crook, Auckland)

88 (Taine Jolley, Northern Districts)

Highest Wickets – 

14 (Braden Gardner, Canterbury)

13 (Simon King, Auckland)

11 (Craig Elliot, Auckland)

10 (Adrian Fong, Central Districts)

10 (Darrin Crook, Auckland)

Highest Average Net Score (minimum of five matches):

+12.50 (Darren Crook, Auckland)

+10.83 (Adrian Fong, Central Districts)

+7.11 (Dion Joll, Northern Districts)

+5.71 (Simon King, Auckland)

+4.80 (Craig Stevens, Canterbury)

Premier Women:

Winners: Northern Districts

Runners-Up: Auckland

Finals Series:

Semi-Final: Auckland 81 (2) def. Canterbury 70 (2)

FINAL: Northern Districts 99 (3) def. Auckland 55 (1)

Summary: Northern Districts 99 (Bowden 22, Matthews 20, McNeill 3/-9, Taylor 1/12) def. Auckland 55 (Vaelua 20, Delarkis 11, Crooks 3/-1, Matthews 2/1)

Net Scores: Northern Districts – Matthews +19, Parr-Thomson +13; Auckland – McNeill +14, Vaelua +5

Team MVPs: Deb Ramsey (Auckland), Emily Lord (Canterbury), Lucille Matthews (Northern Districts)

Grade MVP: Lucille Matthews (Northern Districts)

Final Group Standings: Northern Districts 25, Auckland 23, Canterbury 3

Tournament Statistics:

Highest Runs –

79 (Lulu Matthews, Northern Districts)

75 (Natasha Van Tillberg, Northern Districts)

71 (Deb Ramsay, Auckland)

67 (Amy Rendell, Canterbury)

66 (Skye Bowden, Northern Districts)

Highest Wickets – 

10 (Clare Crooks, Northern Districts)

10 (Pam Delarkis, Auckland)

10 (Feala Vaelua, Auckland)

8 (Shriya Naidu, Northern Districts; Saffron Wilson, Canterbury; Lily Mulivai, Auckland)

Highest Average Net Score (minimum of three matches):

+11.40 (Lulu Matthews, Northern Districts)

+8.75 (Amberley Parr-Thomson, Northern Districts)

+6.75 (Clare Crooks, Northern Districts)

+6.50 (Shriya Naidu, Northern Districts)

+5.60 (Feala Vaelua, Auckland)

22 & Under Boys:

Winners: Wellington

Runners-Up: Northern Districts

Finals Series: 

Semi-Final: Northern Districts 74 (3) drew with Auckland 74 (1)*

*Northern Districts qualified for the final due to finishing higher in the round-robin stage

FINAL: Wellington 81 (3) def. Northern Districts 65 (1)

Summary: Wellington 81 (Pile 17, Vekony 16, Desai 2/3, Walker 1/5) def. Northern Districts 65 (Walker 17, Murdoch 11, Vekony 3/1, Pile 2/2)

Net Scores: Wellington – Vekony +15, Pile +15; Northern Districts – Walker +12, Desai +7

Team MVPs: Issac Crooks (Auckland), Josh Dyer (Canterbury), Brody Gilroy (Northern Districts), Fraser McHale (Wellington)

Grade MVP: Fraser McHale (Wellington)

Final Group Standings: Wellington 42, Northern Districts 27, Auckland 17, Canterbury 10

Tournament Statistics:

Highest Runs –

119 (Fraser McHale, Wellington)

113 (Nathan Walker, Northern Districts)

94 (Ryan Donovan, Auckland)

94 (Swayam Desai, Northern Districts)

93 (Daniel Pile, Wellington)

Highest Wickets – 

13 (Devon Murdoch, Northern Districts)

9 (Elijah Fairfield, Auckland)

8 (Swayam Desai, Northern Districts; Renay Meadows, Auckland; Bailee Meadows, Auckland)

Highest Average Net Score (minimum of four matches):

+9.40 (Kieran McKenzie, Northern Districts)

+9.29 (Fraser McHale, Wellington)

+6.17 (Daniel Pile, Wellington)

+5.60 (Ryan Jackson, Wellington)

+4.75 (Nathan Walker, Northern Districts)

22 & Under Girls:

Winners: Wellington

Runners-Up: Auckland

Finals Series:

Semi-Final: Canterbury 66 (1) lost to Auckland 92 (3)

FINAL: Wellington 91 (2) def. Auckland 71 (2)

Summary Score: Wellington 91 (Jetly 18, Malsurla 16, King 4/-10, Hucker 0/7) def. Auckland 71 (Strydom 19, Ward 18, Williams 2/-1, Fenton 3/1)

Net Scores: Wellington – Williams +11, R Fenton +10; Auckland – King +25, Ward +0, Strydom +0

Team MVPs: Kate Fenton (Wellington), Amie Hucker (Auckland), Sarah Asmussen (Canterbury)

Grade MVP: Kate Fenton (Wellington)

Final Group Standings: Wellington 29, Auckland 13, Canterbury 8

Tournament Statistics:

Highest Runs –

85 (Amie Hucker, Auckland)

82 (Lune Strydom, Auckland)

72 (Jenny Harvey, Canterbury)

63 (Tatiana Gibbs, Canterbury)

63 (Gemma Adams, Auckland)

Highest Wickets – 

9 (Kate Fenton, Wellington)

9 (Xara Jetly, Wellington)

6 (Asha Strom, Wellington; Sophie King, Auckland; Breezy Illing, Auckland; Makayla Mason-Jones, Wellington; Gemma Adams, Auckland; Annie Ewart, Auckland; Iesha Bruce, Auckland)

Highest Net Score (minimum of three matches):

+8.25 (Phoenix Williams, Wellington)

+7.67 (Amie Hucker, Auckland)

+7.50 (Asha Strom, Wellington)

+6.50 (Xara Jetly, Wellington)

+6.00 (Kate Fenton, Wellington; Isla Shanks, Wellington)

Another successful tournament, another stride forward

The Senior Provincials followed on from the hosting of the Junior Provincials tournament in Christchurch in July and provided yet another example of the talent on display around Indoor Cricket in New Zealand.

ICNZ executive and Senior Provincials tournament director Mark Cini was very pleased about the event, it’s running, and the skill on display shown across all the grades with a view to the National Club Championships which will be held next month. “It was outstanding. Another great tournament; it ran very well and all the teams fought very hard across all the grades which featured, all the way through to the finals” said Cini. “I think especially in terms of the Under-21 boys and girls coming through, there are some very good indoor cricketers out there and it wasn’t a surprise to see some of those players who had played at that age-group level be elevated into the premier men’s and women’s New Zealand sides this time around”. He continued “there is a lot of promise out there and it’s already showing at the junior level as we have seen last month – this is what we need to keep to if we are to be competitive with the likes of Australia at this level; this is where it starts”.

“It’s an exciting time ahead for the game as we all know with the involvement of New Zealand Cricket and we are making good progress; we have just to keep on with this momentum. We have another couple of big events coming up and Christchurch are looking forward to hosting the Club Nationals for the first time since 2010. As always, that will promise to be a great tournament”.

The next event on the calendar this year is the ICNZ National Club Championships, which will be held at Action Indoor Sports Hornby and Howzat Indoor Sports in Christchurch from 13 – 16 September.


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