Masters’ training squads named for 2019 World Cup

Following the completion of the ICNZ Club Nationals tournament in Christchurch yesterday, initial training squads for the New Zealand Men’s Over-35s, Over-40s, Over-45s, Over-50s and Women’s Over-30s were named for the 2019 Masters World Cup which will be held in Cape Town, South Africa.

Additional players may be be invited to the upcoming trials in late March/early April 2019. Further details surrounding the World Cup will be available by the end of October.

New Zealand Men’s Over-35s squad:

Leith Johnston (Hutt Valley)

Brendon Crook (Hutt Valley)

Dan Vann (Action Christchurch)

Laurence Watson (North Harbour)

Darrin Crook (North Harbour)

Paul Bascand (Hutt Valley)

Jason Hill (North Harbour)

Nathan Daley (Action Hamilton)

Craig Stevens (Action Christchurch)

Jesse Ryder (Hutt Valley)

Craig Foster (Hutt Valley)

Tim Papps (Action Hornby)

Nigel Collins (Action Hamilton)

Rob Sheary (Palmerston North Indoor Sports Association)

Bryce Fellows (Hutt Valley)

New Zealand Men’s Over-40s squad:

Russell Swindells (Palmerston North Indoor Sports Association)

Sean Sunderland (St Lukes)

Joel Hood (Action Hamilton)

Jeremy Wilson (Upper Hutt)

Glenn Reynolds (Hutt Valley)

Andrew Richardson (Action Hornby)

Sam Labone (Mount Mako’s)

David Bell (Hutt Valley)

Guy Coleman (North Harbour)

Michael Wood (Action Hornby)

Malcolm Ball (Upper Hutt)

Stephen Binnie (Action Hornby)

Nick Shoston (Action Hamilton)

Grant Thorpe (North Harbour)

New Zealand Men’s Over-45s squad:

Karl Dalton (Action Hamilton)

Jayson Davies (Upper Hutt)

Damien Gillien (North Harbour)

Wayne Houghton (Howzat Christchurch)

Matt Hunt (Action Hamilton)

Tony Watkins (Action Hamilton)

Robin James (Action Hornby)

Darren Joynes (Howzat Christchurch)

Colin Owens (Wellington Indoor Sports Club)

Mike Ranson (St Lukes)

Darren Reekers (Howzat Christchurch)

Jason Smith (Action Waitakere)

Stuart Watkins (Upper Hutt)

Robbie Hyndman (St Lukes)

New Zealand Men’s Over-50s squad:

Kevin Bartels (Action Hamilton)

Peter Short (Napier)

Mike Worley (Howzat Christchurch)

David Millard (North Harbour)

Brendan Fahey (Howzat Christchurch)

Alister Jolley (Action Pakuranga)

Roddy Ball (North Harbour)

Kingsley Smith (Mount Mako’s)

Andrew Scott (Wellington Indoor Sports Club)

Julian Marsh (Howzat Christchurch)

Zane Adams (Action Hornby)

Dave Fulton (Wellington Indoor Sports Club)

New Zealand Women’s Over-30s squad:

Sarah White (Auckland)

Pam Yates (Auckland)

Kelly Brown (Auckland)

Sheryl Davies (Wellington)

Leanne Mahoney (Wellington)

Faamele Epati (Auckland)

Shannon Davidson (Auckland)

Rochelle Ebrey (Auckland)

Bridget Shaw (Auckland)

Cherise Stevens (Auckland)

Kim Bellis (Auckland)

Katherine Spence (Auckland)

Deb Ramsey (Auckland)

Kim Scott (Auckland)

Jennifer Cowley (Auckland)

Lisa Hayes (Napier)






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