2018 ICNZ Club Nationals: Day 3 Final Results

It was an exciting finish to the 2018 ICNZ Club Nationals from Christchurch as the tournament concluded on Sunday. Champions were decided in the Premier Men’s, Open Men’s, Masters Over-40 Men’s and 21 & Under Boy’s grades. The Premier Men’s grand final between Hutt Valley and Palmerston North Indoor Sports Association (PISA) saw a thrilling climax with the teams being tied at the end of 32 overs and requiring an eight over mini-game to separate the sides.

Congratulations to the following teams on their respective title wins:

Premier Men’s: Hutt Valley

Open Men’s: Wellington Indoor Sports Club (WISC) Black

Masters Over-40s Men’s: Action Hamilton

21 & Under Boy’s: Wellington Indoor Sports Club (WISC)

Here are the final results from day 3 including winners, team and grade MVPs:

Premier Men’s:

WINNERS: Hutt Valley

Runners-Up: Palmerston North Indoor Sports Association (PISA)

GRAND FINAL Result: Hutt Valley 94 tied with PISA 94*

*Hutt Valley 62 def. PISA 39 in eight-over mini-game

Semi-final results:

SF 1: Hutt Valley 82 (3) tied with North Harbour 82 (1)*

*Hutt Valley advanced to grand final due to being the higher ranked qualifier

SF 2: PISA 98 (4) def. Action Hornby 47 (0)

Quarter-final results:

QF 1 – 1st place vs 8th place: Hutt Valley 105 (4) def. Action Christchurch 51 (0)

QF 2 – 2nd place vs 7th place: PISA 122 (4) def. St Lukes 63 (0)

QF 3 – 3rd place vs 6th place: Action Hamilton 103 (1) lost to Action Hornby 104 (3)

QF 4 – 4th place vs 5th place: Howzat Christchurch 55 (2) lost to North Harbour 69 (2)

Grade MVP: Darrin Crook (North Harbour)

Team MVPs:

  • Hutt Valley – Micah Conroy
  • PISA – Michael Meyer
  • North Harbour – Darrin Crook
  • Howzat – Braden Gardner
  • St Lukes – Simon McGowan
  • Action Hornby – Jared Croft
  • Action Christchurch – Jackson Hemingway
  • Action Waitakere – Phil Chapman
  • Action Hamilton – Nick Stanton

Open Men’s:

WINNERS: Wellington Indoor Sports Club (WISC) Black

Runners-Up: Metro Dunedin

GRAND FINAL Result: WISC Black 145 def. Metro Dunedin 77

Semi-final results:

SF 1: WISC Black 125 (3) def. St Lukes Black 110 (1)

SF 2: Metro Dunedin 97 (2) def. Hutt Valley 85 (2)

Quarter-final eliminator:

QF G5: (Group A 1st place vs Winner QF G1): Hutt Valley 145 (4) def. Redwood 44 (0)

Grade MVP: Simon Matthews (WISC Black)

Team MVPs:

  • WISC Black – Simon Matthews
  • Howzat Black – Blake De Haan
  • Nelson Knights – Jared Exeter
  • North Harbour Black – Mike Okkerse
  • Hutt Valley – Scott Jones
  • Howzat Red – Gareth Hood
  • Upper Hutt – Carl Thompson
  • St Lukes Black – Blair O’Brien
  • Metro Dunedin – Nic Brosnahan
  • Action Christchurch – Andrew Moulton
  • Redwood Thunder – Rory Hawes
  • Mount Makos – Brodie Gilroy
  • WISC Gold – Ben Norton
  • St Lukes Green – Shalen Singh
  • North Harbour – Varun Patel

Masters – Over-40s Men’s:

WINNERS: Action Hamilton

Runners-Up: Hutt Valley

GRAND FINAL Result: Action Hamilton 71 def. Hutt Valley 67

Semi-final results:

SF 1: Hutt Valley 70 (3) def. Upper Hutt 26 (1)

SF 2: Action Hamilton 110 (3) def. Action Hornby Titans 79 (1)

Grade MVP: Christian Morris (Action Hamilton)

Team MVPs:

  • WISC – James McLaughlin
  • Gold Coast Stars – Andrew Hocking
  • Howzat Black – Brendan Fahey
  • Action Hamilton – Christian Morris
  • Action Hornby Barbarians – Mark Thompson
  • Hutt Valley – Glen Reynolds
  • Howzat Red – Reon Burns
  • Action Waitakere – Jason Smith
  • Mount Mako’s – Bob Curran
  • Action Hornby Titans – Robin James
  • Upper Hutt – Stu Watkins
  • Action Hornby Snackfood – Nicholas Dorman

21 & Under Boy’s:

WINNERS: Wellington Indoor Sports Club (WISC)

Runners-Up: Pakuranga

GRAND FINAL Result: WISC 72 def. Action Pakuranga 69

Semi-final result: WISC 141 (4) def. Action Hornby 76 (0)

Grade MVP: Franscois Swart (WISC)

Team MVPs:

  • WISC – Franscois Swart
  • Action Pakuranga – Taine Jolley
  • Action Hornby – Curtis Millard
  • Action Christchurch – Issac Milne

“An outstanding event”

The finals were the culmination of another great tournament where a record 40 teams travelled from across New Zealand to congregate in Christchurch for the first time since 2009.

ICNZ Executive Mark Cini was elated with the running of the event, the quality of the teams on display and the general support that all teams garnered during the tournament. “It was an outstanding event. It was run very well at two great venues in Howzat Indoor Sports Riccarton and Action Indoor Sports Hornby, and it was our pleasure to host teams in Christchurch for the first time in almost ten years”, said Cini. He continued “the quality on display was excellent – that couldn’t have been more evident in the premier men’s final which had to go to a second abbreviated match to decide a winner from two sides who couldn’t be separated. The crowd support for that match was fantastic and really showed indoor cricket in New Zealand in a very positive light”.

“I would like to thank the players, coaches and travelling parents that attended the tournament here. I would also like to thank the umpires team led by Wayne Robertson who did a superb job, with almost all matches being adjudicated by non-playing umpires”, Cini exclaimed. “We have hosted two successful events this year and now we are under two weeks away from the big Junior World Series tournament. We are really looking forward to hosting teams from overseas and our focus will be geared on this event starting at the end of September”.





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