WICF Junior World Series: Day 8 – Closing Ceremony Awards

Photo Credit: On Shot Photography

By Ahmad Khawaja

Following the successful completion of the grand finals of the tournament earlier in the day, the closing ceremony and presentations were held at the Hagley Oval that evening (last Saturday 6 October). The ground plays host to international and domestic cricket in the Christchurch and Canterbury region and is regarded as a premier international facility for cricket matches.

During the ceremony, which played host to 750 people including teams, coaches, managers, officials, parents and spectators, the following awards were presented:

1. Team & Individual Awards:

i) 17 & Under Boys:


Runners-Up: South Africa

Most Valuable Player (MVP): Micah CONROY (New Zealand)

2nd Place MVP: Regan CRAIG (New Zealand)

3rd Place MVP: Kian SCHWARTZ (South Africa)

ii) 17 & Under Girls:


Runners-Up: New Zealand

Most Valuable Player (MVP): Katrina DIXON (Australia)

2nd Place MVP: Skye BOWDEN (New Zealand)

3rd Place MVP: Angelina GENFORD (Australia)

iii) 15 & Under Boys:


Runners-Up: South Africa

Most Valuable Player (MVP): Tom COADY (Australia)

2nd Place MVP: Samuel PAWSON (New Zealand)

3rd Place MVP: Baylee FOOTE (New Zealand)

iv) 13 & Under Boys:


Runners-Up: Australia

Most Valuable Player (MVP): Reeve EVITTS (England)

2nd Place MVP: Logan ANDREWS (New Zealand)

3rd Place MVP: Ross COETZEE (South Africa)

2. Special Awards – Junior Indoor Cricket Ambassadors:

Five awards were given out to one player from each country, who had displayed a number of traits throughout the period of the tournament, during and before, that were befitting of the title of Junior Indoor Cricket Ambassador for the sport.

A panel of officials selected the players based on a number of characteristics including playing ability, respect for the environment they played in, team ethic and commitment, and the way they conducted themselves at all times. The following players were awarded the ambassador awards:

i) England – Matthew MEYERS (13 & Under Boys)

ii) Singapore – Dev PAL (13 & Under Boys)

iii) Australia – Mahdee ISLAM (15 & Under Boys)

iv) South Africa – Amber-Leigh BOTHA (17 & Under Girls)

v) New Zealand – Jack MORRIS (15 & Under Boys)

3. Officials’ Awards:

i) Mark CINI (Tournament Director)

ii) Virginia FAAS (Stadium Manager, Action Indoor Sports Stadium Hornby)

iii) Mitchell BODNAR (Official Event Photographer, On Shot Photography)

iv) Ahmad KHAWAJA (Media Manager)

v) Wayne ROBERTSON (Umpires Co-Ordinator)





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